Free Dutch lesson - learn Dutch without studying!

Free Dutch lesson - learn Dutch without studying!

Jan 11, 2020
Kruisweg 620 (2nd floor), 2132 CH

If you wish to learn Dutch in a natural way, without having to study boring grammar rules, then try the Master Dutch course at Language Master (Talenmeester) in Hoofddorp. On Saturday, January 11, 2020, there will be a free trial lesson from 10.15am until 11.15am. You can register on the Language Master website.

A unique way of working

You probably remember how it was in school: memorising long vocabulary lists while studying all those grammar rules and their exceptions. This is not the only way to learn a new language!

At the language institute, you won't find any textbooks or red markers. At Language Master, they teach with the philosophy that you can learn a language by hearing it a lot and through understanding what is said. Speaking the language will follow automatically. You are living proof that this really works: you learned your first language by listening, not by filling out exercises in some workbook.

The teachers at Language Master speak Dutch during the entire class. They make sure that you understand everything. You do not need to take notes, because, thanks to the teacher’s repeated use of the same words, over and over again, you will easily remember everything. When the teacher asks you a question in Dutch, you will be able to answer in Dutch. You will understand and speak Dutch from the first lesson!

4 steps to learning Dutch without studying

  1. Listen: the teacher provides Dutch input, all you need to do is listen.
  2. Understand: the teacher makes everything comprehensible, your job is to understand. Easy!
  3. Stories: together with the group you'll create the greatest stories in Dutch. Use your imagination!
  4. Read & talk: you can read a Dutch story without effort, you are even able to talk about it in Dutch.

Language is not knowledge. Language is a system that your brain develops based on all the input that you get from listening and reading. There are no rules for it. So don’t learn them, just join Language Master and have fun!

Reserve your spot now! Browse the Language Master Facebook page for more updates and information about the event.