Four Dutch premieres by international theatre and performance artists at Frascati

Four Dutch premieres by international theatre and performance artists at Frascati

Nov 02, 2022Nov 11, 2022
Frascati, Nes 63, 1012 KD
10 euros

Get your tickets to the upcoming Dutch premieres of hotly debated international theatre and performance artists at Frascati in Amsterdam!

Four Dutch premieres at Frascati International in Amsterdam

As a progressive, small-scale, independent theatre and performance house, Frascati's doors are always open to new sounds and experiments, including from far beyond the Netherlands. By welcoming international makers, Frascati creates space for fertile cross-pollination between makers, disciplines and audiences.

In November, Frascati is opening up their stage to idiosyncratic, personal productions by four hotly debated international makers of performances and theatre. Sorour Darabi (FR / IR), Boris Nikitin (CH), Iggy Malmborg (SE) and Michael Turinsky (AT) are bringing exciting, diverse, interdisciplinary works not seen before in the Netherlands.

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In each of these productions, the makers are also the performers: they place themselves, their stories or their own bodies as the subject of their show. They reflect, each in their own highly individual ways, on the place they occupy in relation to an existing order or system.

Whether this is the neurobiological system of human observation, the order of shame and particular social expectations, or the way in which "nature" exerts an influence on our identities or systems of mobility and immobility: all four makers powerfully adopt vulnerable positions in relation to their subjects. 


Here's the performance programme:

Frascati International: Precarious Moves

  • Michael Turinsky (AT) 
  • Wednesday, November 2 & Thursday, November 3 at 8.30pm  
  • Frascati 1, Nes 63, Amsterdam

In Precarious Moves, Viennese artist and philosopher Michael Turinsky presents a highly visual, playful and intellectual analysis of what it means to live with a physical disability. In a choreography made up of text, song and movement, he expresses the field of tension between mobility and immobility.

Photo: Loizen Bauer Frascati

Frascati International: Natural Drama

  • Sorour Darabi (IR) / coproduction with Frascati Producties
  • Tuesday, November 8 & Wednesday, November 9 at 9pm
  • Frascati 1, Nes 63, Amsterdam

Following on from Mowgli and Farci.e, Sorour Darabi returns to Frascati with Natural Drama (in co-production with Frascati Producties), a reflection on the concept of "nature": a kind of futurist mythology rooted in dance traditions.

Photo: Laurent Paillier frascati-dance.jpg

Frascati International: Attempt on Dying 

  • Boris Nikitin (CH)
  • Tuesday, November 8 & Wednesday, November 9 at 8pm
  • Frascati 2, Nes 63, Amsterdam

In his intimate lecture performance Attempt on Dying, Swiss director and curator Boris Nikitin tells two parallel stories: his father’s wish for euthanasia before he died from ALS, and his own coming out 20 years previously. Alongside this personal narrative, he undertakes an incisive analysis of overcoming the boundaries imposed by shame and of the utopia of a vulnerability no longer being seen as a weakness, but as a revolutionary force.

Photo: Donata Ettlin frascati.jpg

Frascati International:  Iris, pupil, retina, etc. 

  • Iggy Malmborg (SE) / coproduction with Frascati Producties 
  • Thursday, November 10 & Friday, November 11at 8pm
  • Frascati 4, Nes 63, Amsterdam 

At last, Frascati welcomes Swedish maker and performer Iggy Malmborg, who following on from Physics and Phantasma is back in Frascati with a mindf*ck of a production: Iris, pupil, retina etc. (in co-production with Frascati Producties). This show probes and exposes the mechanisms of human observation. How much of what we see is reality, and how do we give meaning to the multiplicity of chaotic information we receive through our senses? 

Photo: Johanna Malm frascati-theater.jpg

Get your tickets

Tickets are 10 euros each. Audiences have the option to make their visit on November 8 or 9 a double bill, thanks to the two performances taking place on the same two nights: Attempt on Dying takes place at 8pm and Natural Drama takes place at 9pm. Get your tickets on the Frascati website.

Thumb photo: Loizen Bauer