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Food Truck Festival TREK | The Hague

Sep 05, 2017Sep 08, 2017
The Hague

Visit Food Truck Festival TREK for a delicious day outside. One of their stops is the Amstelpark in Amsterdam!

Food trucks in city parks

The freely accessible Food Truck Festival TREK (Dutch for "appetite") transforms the city parks of the Netherlands into huge open air restaurants. Touring the country, the tasty and fresh festival will settle down in nine cities.

A wide variety of mobile eateries settling in beautiful areas will be the place to be, brimming with good  food and a great atmosphere! Besides the mouth-watering cuisine, you can enjoy great live music, a variety of theatre and other entertainment.

Last year, Food Truck Festival TREK was visited by a total of 295.000 people.

Touring through nine cities

The fourth edition of Food Truck Festival TREK will stop at:

Rotterdam, Vroesenpark (May 11-14)
 Maastricht, Stadspark (May 18-21)
 Nijmegen, Hunnerpark (May 25-28)
Utrecht, Griftpark (June 1-5)
 Eindhoven, Kaperendonkse Plas (June 16-18)
Enschede, Volkspark (June 23-25)
‘s Hertogenbosch, Paleiskwartier (July 6-9)
Amsterdam, Amstelpark (July 14-16)
The Hague, Westbroekpark (September 7-10)