Food Euphoria Festival

Food Euphoria Festival

Mar 25, 2018
12.00pm until 10.00pm
Q-Factory, Atlantisplein 1, 1093 NE
8,25 euros online; 9,75 euros at the door

The first Food Euphoria Festival is here! On Sunday March 25, at the Q-Factory in Amsterdam, this Greek food event offers the golden ratio of food, drinks, workshops, music and dancing, guaranteeing a euphoric day for all.

Greek-made for local and expat foodies

Food Euphoria brings you together with Greek food producers who offer their tasty food and drink, from traditional to innovative. Throughout the day, you can treat yourself to Greek snacks to die for, along with Greek beer, wine and spirits. There will be fascinating workshops by chefs and food bloggers, as well as bands, actors and dancers performing throughout the day, all adding together to form the perfect festival atmosphere.

Food Euphoria is brought to you by Greek foodtales, a valuable resource set up by a collective of Greek food experts keen to share the Greek gastronomic treasures with a broad wave of food fans. Food, cooking and eating well are an important part of Greek culture and greek foodtales brings the Greek diet to a wider audience with recipes, information, tips, tricks and workshops.

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Greek euphoria in divine proportions

The Greek letter "φ" in the Food Euphoria logo is known in maths, physics and the arts, as "the golden ratio", "the golden section" or "divine proportion". Food Euphoria is passionate about bringing food, drinks and enjoyment to you in the golden ratio.

Book your tickets

Tickets cost 8,25 euros when you book online, or 9,75 euros at the door. Your ticket to the Food Euphoria not only includes entry to the festival, but also a welcome gift, perfect for chocolate and liqueur-lovers, free parking and a chance to win an exciting hotel getaway. Visitors can pay for food and drink separately at each stall. So book your tickets while you still can!