Flower Weekend in Aalsmeer

Flower Weekend in Aalsmeer

Oct 02, 2021Oct 05, 2021
Horticultural Museum Historic Garden, Flower Art Museum & FloriWorld

Get ready for a long weekend of flowers and plants this October. The annual Aalsmeer Flower Festival could not take place in the summer, so instead, there's the Flower Weekend!

Flower demonstrations, workshops, live music and exhibitions

For several days, flowers and plants are exhibited in ways you’ve never seen before, integrated into art installations and design masterpieces! You can even buy supplies for making your own autumn flower arrangements.

Demonstrations, workshops for adults and children and special exhibitions can be enjoyed throughout. There will also be live music in the form of smooth blues, so attendees can surround themselves in the festival atmosphere all day long. 

Flower Weekend locations

The North Holland town of Aalsmeer is located 13km southwest of Amsterdam and has been dubbed the flower capital of the world, as the largest flower auction in the world is held in Aalsmeer. 

Here are the locations where the Flower Weekend takes place:

  • Horticultural Museum Historic Garden
  • Flower Art Museum
  • FloriWorld

The Flower Art Museum is the newest addition to this globally-renowned horticultural town. It is the world's first museum dedicated entirely to contemporary art inspired by flowers. Meanwhile, inside the greenhouses, visitors can enjoy many of the oldest varieties of flowers which are still grown there.

Flower Weekend tickets

Browse the Aalsmeer Flower Festival website for more information.