Floating Leiden

Floating Leiden

Aug 11, 2017
1pm - 9pm

Float your rubber boat or inflatable flamingo over to the canals of Leiden!

Floating events

Floating events have previously received great responses in cities like Utrecht, Rotterdam and Breda, Of course, Leiden and its beautiful canals can't stay behind!

Summer fun in the canals

Floating Leiden (Drijvend Leiden) brings summer fun to the canals with bar boats, floating music stages and more, all accessible from that water. Wear your best bathing suit and sunglasses, get into an inflatable boat or other floating device and head out with friends and family to see Leiden from a different, splashy angle.

After the main events, Floating Leiden will host an after party in a location that will be kept secret for now. Keep an eye on the event's Facebook page in order to be kept updated.