Flight Simulator Weekend

Flight Simulator Weekend

Nov 05, 2022Nov 06, 2022
Pelikaanweg 50, 8218 PG Lelystad
Tickets starting from 13,95 euros

This November 5-6, attend the world’s largest flight simulation event in Lelystad at the airport, and get to experience the thrill of flying from a computer.

The exciting world of flight simulations

Since 1998, the Flight Simulator Weekend, flight simulators and cockpit constructors show visitors what is possible with flight simulation programmes. Visitors will be able to see the unique aircrafts used in the simulations including from legendary fighter jets to commercial jets. The event will also explain how airports are organised and how aircrafts are sorted on the runway. The event will be taking place on the Aviodrome at the Lelystad Airport.


The Aviodrome at the Lelystad Airport is a fantastic institute that is the perfect place for enthusiasts of aircrafts, air travel, space, and much more. They have over a hundred aircrafts and hours of activities indoors and outdoors that are perfect for people of all ages, including a 4D theatre where visitors can experience aviation.

Flight Simulator Weekend 2022 speakers and demonstrations

Aside from being able to experience aviation and aircrafts, the Flight Simulator Weekend also presents speakers and demonstrations. The following are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Civil FLightsim Clubs
  • Cockpit builders
  • Mil Squadrons
  • Panel / Aircraft / Scenery design / Hard & Software
  • Virtual Airlines
  • Online Networks
  • FS Websites
  • Special
  • Lectures / Speakers

Visiting Flight Simulator Weekend

Interested in learning more about aviation and aircrafts? Head over to the official Flight Simulator Weekend website for more information on the programme, tickets, and how to access the venue via public transportation.