Finance Meets Comedy talk show

Finance Meets Comedy talk show

Aug 19, 2023
Aula, Vrije University Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV

Get your free tickets to the "Finance Meets Comedy" talk show, where two comedians interview eight researchers, including a Nobel laureate. 

Come to a comedy talk show and discover exciting cutting-edge research in finance! No background in finance is needed to enjoy this event - everyone is welcome, everyone will laugh, and everyone will learn how finance ideas illuminate and impact the world around us.

What to expect at the Finance Meets Comedy talk show

At the talk show, American comedians Dhaya Lakshminarayanan and Sammy Obeid (star of "100 Humans" on Netflix) will be interviewing select finance researchers participating in the 50th annual European Finance Association conference hosted by VU Amsterdam.

Firstly, Nobel laureate Bengt Holmström (MIT) will be interviewed about his work on contracts and incentives. After that, seven other scholars will be interviewed about their latest research.

Finance Meets Comedy talk show

Here's an overview of the research topics that will come up during the talk show:

  1. How is "datanomics" different from traditional economics? (Laura Veldkamp, Columbia University)
  2. Is global climate benefitting from the trillion-dollar green bond market? (Sanjai Bhagat, University of Colorado)
  3. Do investors value biodiversity? (Alexander Wagner, University of Zurich)
  4. Are venture capitalists worse than computers at selecting startups? (Victor Lyonnet, Ohio State University)
  5. What is the link between mayoral elections and female entrepreneurship? (Merih Sevilir, ESMT Berlin & Halle Institute for Economic Research)
  6. What is short selling and what happened when European regulators banned it? (Robert Kosowski, Imperial College)
  7. How does memory play tricks on investors? (Paul Smeets, University of Amsterdam)

Lighthearted yet insightful comedian-led interviews

The talk show will consist of lighthearted yet insightful comedian-led interviews. While the August 19 event will be live and in person, previous comedian-led interviews held on zoom give some idea of what to expect:

  • "If researchers could speak" (6 episodes) 
  • "Explain it to a comedian" (5 episodes)

Get your free tickets now!

Laugh and learn! Attending the Finance Meets Comedy talk show is a win-win situation where you'll feel both entertained and well informed and you will go home with many great new insights. What are you waiting for? Get your free tickets now!

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