Festival of the Dead

Festival of the Dead

Nov 17, 2017
9pm - 3am

Popular international happening Festival of The Dead is coming to Amsterdam!

Elements of Carnival, colours and music

Having started out as an annual clubbing party in the United Kingdom, Festival of the Dead is a modern event that fuses elements of carnival, circus, theatre and parties.

Everything put together makes for an energetic dance night with plenty of visual spectacle featuring fire shows, crazy acrobatic performances, burlesque and extravagant costumes, all to the sounds of pleasing tunes.

Colourful decorations, acrobats, dancers and all kinds of art and costumes accompany the swinging tunes of house, bass and garage music – all with a Latino twist! DJs and live music will urge you onto the dance floor where light art and confetti run amok and giant skulls parade around.

This event is not a part of the earlier holiday Dia de los Muertos, and does not feature its significant religious connotations and traditions.
Festival of the Dead