[Cancelled] FesTEAval - Dutch Tea Festival

[Cancelled] FesTEAval - Dutch Tea Festival

Apr 14, 2019
DeFabrique, Westkanaaldijk 7 3542 DA
5,46 euros to 23,10 euros

FesTEAval 2019 has been cancelled.

FesTEAval is a lifestyle event like you’ve never seen before, reminding you that tea is more than just a beverage! 

Think workouts, tea puns, cooking with tea and meditation! In Utrecht on April 22, you too can join this multi-faceted event where tea-lovers, tea experts and newbies convene.

Dutch Tea Festival becomes FesTEAval

Previously known as the Dutch Tea Festival, as of 2018 this event is now known as FesTEAval. Tea is central, but the festival is fundamentally immersed in lifestyle.

More than meets the eye

Did you know there are countless ways to cook with tea? Have you ever considered the difference between bitter tea and astringent tea? Did you know that there are tea plantations in the Netherlands?

Well, FesTEAval is the right place to find the answers to your most unlikely questions about tea! There’s more to tea than black and green, and there are more ways to drink tea than hot or cold, with milk or lemon: think matcha, kombucha, oolong, pu erh, the yerba mate tradition, green tea ice-cream, etc. 


Tea Workshops

"World of Tea" workshops take you on a virtual journey around the world from Europe to Asia, exploring the well-known English and Dutch tea traditions, and matcha's influence from Japan to its cult following the West. Tea experts will explain the astringent or bitter properties of tea, and how to tell your white tea from your green tea. 

"Rest and Tea" workshops are for exploring chakras and meditation, inner beauty and yoga. More active workshops at the “Heal’Tea” room include trampolining, jumping fitness, Essentrics and dance. There will also be a sports therapy demonstration.

Browse the FesTEAval website for more detailed information about the programme and line-up.

Book your tickets and plan your journey

The location is at DeFabrique event location close to Maarsen train station in Utrecht, which can be reached easily by car, train and bus. Book your FesTEAval tickets online in advance and enjoy a nice cup of tea and more!

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