Fashionclash Festival Maastricht

Fashionclash Festival Maastricht

Nov 17, 2023Nov 19, 2023

During Fashionclash, the sensational three-day fashion festival in Maastricht, over 150 fashion designers, artists and performers from 25 different countries and six continents treat 30.000 visitors to spectacular creations, insights and displays! 

Style and textile design at Fashionclash

Fashionclash is an innovative & interdisciplinary showcase platform for fashion and a worldwide network of emerging designers and artists.

This fashion extravaganza looks at style and textile design in a grand celebration of new approaches, daring angles and great performances. The "clash" in the name represents the encounter between talent, cultures, artistic disciplines, the audience and fashion.

Using this encounter as inspiration, a new generation of international designers and artists will introduce a wide audience to the physical art of making and portraying contemporary fashion through interdisciplinary collaborations and unique statements.

Photo: courtesy of Fashionclash Fashionclash Festival Maastricht

Fashionclash programme

The Fashionclash Festival focuses on using the fashion industry to improve well-being and equality. Fashion knows how to reinvent itself again and again, using the past to shape the future. Find out how the new generation of designers deal with their ancestry and traditions, and how they address important social aspects of our society. The event programme consists of fashion shows, exhibitions, performances, a designer market, fashion talks, awards and more. 

Attend Fashionclash

Keep an eye on the Fashionclash website for updates regarding the event and prepare for the fashion extravaganza of the year.

Thumb photo: courtesy of Fashionclash