Expats meet Dutchies at Little Buddha - Pre-New Year's drink!

Dec 28, 2012
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 17

Expats meet Dutchies is a social club for:
 Expats who recently have relocated to the Netherlands and long term residents.
 For Dutchies who have lived abroad and like to stay connected internationally.
 Dutchies who are interested to move abroad and are able to find connections within the international community.

The primary goal is to meet interesting people, practice Dutch, learn from each others culture, share your adventures and make new friends.

About this event
ExpatBuddy Lexia unites different nationalities and stimulates their social network. My aim is to increase the diversity of local and international acquaintances / friendships, both professional and private by hosting "Expats meet Dutchies" events every last Friday of the month.

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