Energy Management for us Sapiens

Energy Management for us Sapiens

Sep 23, 2023
Meet Berlage, Oudebrugsteeg 9, 1012 JN

Sapiens, reclaim the life you deserve. Learn energy management at a full day in-person event at a monumental location in Amsterdam - all inclusive.

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We all feel stuck, overwhelmed, depleted and lost at times. During these times we seek more meaning from our work and relationships. We also crave more connection with ourselves and those around us. But we don't know where to start.

Better energy management can help us take the first step towards re-experiencing that wind in our wings. Through better recovery strategies, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, exercise, sleep, nutrition and purpose, we can create a holistic life which we all long for.

Event details

  • What: Energy Management for us Sapiens
  • When: Saturday, September 23, 9am-5pm
  • Where: Board Room (Directie Kamer), Meet Berlage, Oudebrugsteeg 9,1012 JN Amsterdam
  • Cost: 151 euros - 181 euros

What to expect at Energy Management for us Sapiens

  • One of a kind holistic workshop focusing on all four key energy components: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual
  • 1000+ lives transformed by the programme with stellar feedback each time
  • Facilitated by Shashi Kejriwal, who has 15+ years experience and an HR background combined with business strategy
  • Monumental location in the heart of Amsterdam
  • All inclusive offer with food and drinks included in the ticket price

Energy management for us Sapiens Hayena

Engage in deep dialogue with like-minded sapiens

Energy management is all about being aware and doing what is important to us. During this full day of energy management training you will dive into themes such as emotional, mental, physical and spiritual / purpose energy, which are cornerstones of holistic energy management.

You will be using tools, both "eastern" and "western", to bring the "being" and "doing" together harmoniously. These tools are both ancient and time-tested as well as developed over years by studying peak performance in athletes and the corporate world. You will be engaging in deep conversations with like-minded sapiens in small groups to learn and be inspired by shared experiences.

An inspiring event in one of Amsterdam's most prized buildings

The event takes place in the board room of a 120-year-old monumental building which previously housed the stock exchange, one of the first in the world. In 1903, the Beurs van Berlage was opened but according to the conviction of Berlage, the building's designer, the stock market would eventually become superfluous.

He reckoned the building would serve as a large community house or "palazzo pubblico", like old Italian town halls. This point of view played a part in the design for the building, and today, the Beurs van Berlage serves as an important public building where events are often held.

The room in which the event takes place has the original carpets, walls, furniture and even Berlage's own study table, all intact in their purest form even after more than 100 years.

Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

Nutritious food included

Some key elements of energy management are movement, taking frequent breaks and eating nourishing food, all of which you will do throughout the day. Your ticket price not only includes the cost of renting this inspirational venue, but also of coffee, tea, fruit, juice, light refreshments and a full lunch.

When you buy your tickets, please do email the organisers with any dietary restrictions you may have and they will happily take care of them. The price also includes all other processing fees, service fees, taxes, etc., hence no surprise beyond what you see quoted.

Good to know

The hosts will be happy sharing pictures with you after the session, but please do let them know if you'd rather not be photographed and they will respect that.

The organisers are huge proponents of sustainability and hence will not be carrying any promotional material nor will print any physical booklets. They recommend that you carry a notebook and a pen to take notes.

By the end of the day, you will be motivated to take very concrete actions, have a wealth of practical knowledge around key energy management topics and would have had a lot of fun along the way! Additionally, you will have a group of inspired "co-sapiens" to take the journey with.

About the organiser, Hayena

This event is organised by Hayena and will be facilitated by Shashi Kejriwal.

Hayena is a brand that delivers services such as strategy consulting, individual coaching, team coaching, team development, trainings and workshops. The values that Hayena stands for include teamwork, punching above your weight, equity, inclusion, being edgy, and seeing the beauty in our flaws, going beyond judgement, etc., all of which we associate with hyenas.

Additionally, the organisation also believes in growth through self-reflection which is associated with the Hindi / Turkish word "Ayena", which means a mirror. Hence the brand name Hayena.

In today's world, where digital interactions have become the norm, Hayena is trying to do their bit to cater to the basic human need for face-to-face interactions and connections, which is why they strive to have most of their events in person in inspiring locations. They believe that change happens not through theory but through experience, so they try to create holistic experiences for their participants which inspire them to affect lasting change!

When one sees someone do simple things like make their bed in the morning, or listen intently to their colleague, they believe we are making a difference in the world. These little things add up towards a more meaningful life. This is another reason why their own digital presence is limited as Hayena wants to spend their time enriching their own as well as others' lives through meaningful experiences.

Meet Shashi Kejriwal, the workshop facilitator

The Hayena clan is headed by Shashi Kejriwal. Shashi believes in enjoying the juice of life to the fullest. He believes the juice is even sweeter when others also get to experience the taste. Originally from India, he has lived in multiple places in the world and has a 15+ year diverse background in management consulting, talent management, leadership development, team development, coaching, etc., working with brands such as Bain and Co., Grant Thornton and Philips.

Shashi Kejriwal has an MBA from Duke University in the US. He also has diverse interests such as mindfulness, racquet sports such as tennis an squash, salsa dancing, blues guitar, kitesurfing, etc., which help him empathise and connect with people. He lives in Amsterdam with his wife and enjoys going for walks with his dog and accompanying his wife to speciality coffee bars.


Here is an overview of the agenda of the Energy Management for us Sapiens workshop:

  • 9am-9.30am - Walk-in, grab coffee, fruit and settle down
  • 9.30am-10am - Quick intros, expectations, learning objectives
  • 10am-10.30am - Guided Meditation followed by learning consolidation
  • 10.30am-11.15am - Foundations of Energy Management
  • 11.15am-11.30am - Recovery Break, tea, coffee, fruit
  • 11.30am-12.30pm - Deep-dive 1: Spiritual / Purpose Energy
  • 12.30pm-1.30pm - Lunch, followed by short walk, other recovery approaches
  • 1.30pm-2.30pm - Deep-dive 2: Emotional Energy
  • 2.30pm-3.15pm - Deep-dive 3: Mental Energy
  • 3.15pm-3.30pm - Recovery break, tea, coffee, fruit
  • 3.30pm-4.15pm - Deep-dive 4: Physical Energy (movement, exercise, sleep, nutrition)
  • 4.15pm-4.45pm - Consolidation, visioning, commitment
  • 4.45pm-5pm - Check-out, closing

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