Embassy Festival

Embassy Festival

Aug 31, 2018Sep 01, 2018
Lange Voorhout, 2514 EJ
The Hague

The Embassy Festival in The Hague celebrates its sixth edition in 2018, with 50.000 visitors, over 60 embassies and 45 performances. The majestic boulevard known as Lange Voorhout will be at the centre of the festivities with impressive music, dance and theatre acts across four stages, and visitors can taste delicious food from all corners of the world. 

The Hague, an international city

The Hague is the international city of peace and justice that brings the world together. Being the embassy city of the Netherlands, the population of The Hague is a very international one, with one in three inhabitants having roots abroad. The Embassy Festival, collaborating with embassies of over 60 countries, showcases the cultural richness of this dynamic city.

A two-day cultural world trip

The Embassy Festival programme takes you around the world in two full days of festivities at Lange Voorhout. The promenade comes alive with a contemporary stage, a classical stage, a creative arena, a container stage, a kids area and food and drink stalls.

The festival takes place from 5pm on Friday, August 31 until 8pm on Saturday, September 1. Dance, theatre, music and traditions from all over the world will be showcased on the four stages.


UIT Festival and the Embassy Festival

The Embassy Festival mingles seamlessly with the happenings of the UIT Festival of The Hague, in the form of a marathon of previews of the upcoming cultural season. Activities of the two events side-by-side shows the cultural output of local and international artists, theatres and performers. As part of the UIT Festival, over 100 cultural institutions open their doors and present themselves with discounted ticket prices for theatres

On Friday, August 31, the evening before the main Embassy Festival events begin, Diligentia, Folk Road Show and Teme Tan take to the stage along with many surprise acts to kick off the festival, coinciding with the first full day if the UIT Festival.

International market

The international market forms the perfect bridge between the many stages and visitors can enjoy flavours from all over the world and cutting-edge acts on the festival stage for free. Throughout the festival there will be mapped-out routes to guide visitors through the maze of festival stages and stalls.