Embassy Festival

Embassy Festival

Sep 02, 2022Sep 03, 2022
The Hague

Fancy a round-the-world trip from the comfort of home? The Embassy Festival in The Hague celebrates its ninth edition in 2022. 

The Embassy Festival 

The majestic boulevard known as Lange Voorhout is the typical centre of the festivities with impressive music, dance and theatre acts across four stages, where visitors enjoy the music and taste delicious food from all corners of the world. 

Photo credit: Alina Krasieva embassy-festival-the-hague.jpg

The Hague, an international city

The Hague is the international city of peace and justice that brings the world together. Being the embassy city of the Netherlands, the population of The Hague is a very international one, with one in three inhabitants having roots abroad. The Embassy Festival, collaborating with the embassies of nearly 40 countries, showcases the cultural richness of this dynamic city. 

So many different countries are represented at the festival. Last year was impressively varied, featuring countries from Kuwait to Tanzania, from Uzbekistan to Kosovo, from Nigeria to Denmark. Be sure to attend to see which countries you'll be discovering this year!

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A two-day cultural world trip

The Embassy Festival programme takes you around the world in two full days of festivities that you can enjoy from the comfort of home. Dance, theatre, music, quizzes and cookery demonstrations of multiple culinary traditions from all over the world will be showcased.

Thumb photo: Alina Krasieva