Elfia Fairy Nights | outdoor costume fantasy event at a Dutch castle

Elfia Fairy Nights | outdoor costume fantasy event at a Dutch castle

Jun 18, 2021Jun 19, 2021
Castle De Haar, Kasteellaan 1, 3455 RR
19,50 euros

Elfia Fairy Nights is a special summer evening version of the popular outdoor fantasy event Elfia. The difference is that in 2021, a scaled-down version has been specially devised for smaller crowds, with safety and hygiene in mind, in response to coronavirus.

Elfia Fairy Nights this summer at Castle De Haar

The summer 2021 edition of Elfia takes place in a new format. Over two days, Castle De Haar in Haarzuilens (outside Utrecht) is transformed into a magical kingdom of mysterious storytelling and fairytale walks through the enchanting castle grounds.

In previous editions, Elfia has welcomed 25.000 visitors. This year, an intimate group of 1.600 visitors will be admitted to the castle grounds per evening, over different designated time slots. Haarzuilens awaits the enthusiastic visitors dressed in their finest fairytale costumes!

Fairy Nights, Close Encounters of the Fairy and Ghostly Kind

There won't be stands, workshops or music stages, but the costume evening will involve storytelling about elves and ghosts, set in 1891, and a costume walk - not only outdoors but also in the chapel and the castle itself. Characters like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Madam Blavatsky and Houdini will feature in the haunting stories, and surprising truths about Haarzuilens will be revealed. After all, the event's full title is "Fairy Nights, Close Encounters of the Fairy and Ghostly Kind"!

So, for those who love to don elaborate costumes, it's time to relish the return of live events where forest fairies, elves and ghostly characters convene! The philosophy is “you’ll never dream alone” and that’s why Elfia invites you to join the elfin clan to celebrate this fantastical event together.

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Got the perfect costume and counting down the days until you can wear it at an event? Got a vivid imagination and a taste for all things spooky and occult? Then Fairy Nights, Close Encounters of the Fairy and Ghostly Kind is for you! Browse the Elfia website for Elfia Fairy Nights tickets and book your tickets to Elfia before it's too late!