Eindhoven Christmas Winter Circus

Eindhoven Christmas Winter Circus

Dec 23, 2023Dec 31, 2023
Hertog Jan Zaal, Park Theatre, Theaterpad 1, 5615 EN
20 euros to 30 euros

A beloved holiday tradition returns to Park Theatre in Eindhoven, as the Christmas Winter Circus celebrates its 51st edition this December! The Christmas Winter Circus (Kerstwintercircus) is a festive tradition loved by Dutch and internationals alike, featuring a whole range of top-class acts from all over the world.

World-class Christmas circus in Eindhoven

The Christmas Winter Circus is certainly one of the best in the world and perfect for families with kids to enjoy during the school holidays! What makes the Christmas Winter Circus so special? The acts are hand-picked and all rank among the top performers!

Previous Christmas Winter Circus programmes have included Russian trapeze artists, Chinese unicyclists, French ventriloquists and Vietnamese circus acts. Many of the performers have won international acclaim and prizes, and the circus itself is globally respected.

This year's acts at Christmas Winter Circus

Now in existence for half a century, the Christmas Winter Circus always makes for a special outing - whether you’re looking for an unusual night out with friends or a fun family evening. The Dutch weather may be cold and frosty, but inside Park Theatre, you'll feel cosy and festive.

This year’s circus acts include ringmaster Arjan Smit, the American clown David Shiner, a sensational acrobatics act by the Bello Sisters, and much more! 

Plan your visit to the Christmas Winter Circus

Circus performances have various times which are all listed on the official website, and there are even circus performances on Christmas Day! Order your tickets in advance. Browse the Park Theatre website for ticket and timetable information. Tickets range from 20 euros to 30 euros.