Eastern Neighbours Film Festival

Eastern Neighbours Film Festival

Nov 22, 2023Nov 26, 2023
Filmhuis Den Haag, Spui 191
The Hague

Eastern Neighbours Film Festival presents the best recent films from Eastern and Southeastern Europe, from countries with a small but often powerful cinema production industry. 

Feature films and documentaries from 33 countries

The Eastern Neighbours Film Festival showcases 54 films from around 33 countries this year. It presents mostly Dutch premieres and introduces new talents and remarkable cinematic voices that deal with relevant topics in an exciting and thought-provoking manner. The programme comprises current fiction feature films as well as meaningful documentaries.

The 15th edition of ENFF takes place on November 22-26 at Filmhuis Den Haag. Each year, the film programme is accompanied by several side events, so this year there will also be several debates and masterclasses on-site. You can expect 26 guest directors, actors, screenwriters, producers, masterclasses, debates, education, music and entertainment with national wines, cocktails and snack tastings at the 2023 edition.

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Highlights at ENFF 2023

Each film will be introduced either by an eminent public personality from the Netherlands or by a film director, actor or producer. Most of the films will be followed by a 10-minute "Question and Answers" session after the film.

From the Baltic states to the Balkans with humour and charm, these films bring extraordinary stories of ordinary people:

Opening and Closing films

The following are major highlights at ENFF 2023, having the honour of being the opening and the closing films of this year's festival:

Ivan’s Land

Amazing, captivating, full of humour and positivity, Ivan's Land follows Ivan Prikhodko, one of the last folk artists in Ukraine. He faces a dilemma: will he give up his small village house for a glamorous life in the city?

Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven portrays the hilarious antics of a man with too many women and too little time. When he consults an "expert" to salvage his situation, he ends up in even greater chaos. Festival guest: director Jasna Nanu.

Photo: Seventh Heaven, courtesy of ENFF Eastern Neighbours Film Festival

Current Relevant Cinema

The following films are highlights from the category of Current Relevant Cinema:

Fucking Bornholm

In the dramedy Fucking Bornholm, director Anna Kazejak takes us on a journey to the summer vacation of young Polish intellectuals who are struggling in their personal lives to make the right choices.


Kaymak offers a humorous and ironic view of contemporary relationships. With bravery and a touch of erotic tension, the film highlights the deep-rooted corruption in North Macedonia that has permeated every social layer. Festival guest: director Milcho Manchevski.

Photo: Kaymak, courtesy of ENFF Eastern Neighbours Film Festival

Ukraine: A New Perspective

Here are films on the theme of Ukraine: A New Perspective:

King Lear: How We Looked for Love During the War

After thousands seek refuge in Western Ukraine as Russia invades Ukraine, a local director decides to involve displaced individuals in fulfilling his dream - staging the play King Lear, as King Lear: How We Looked for Love During the War. Festival guest: director Dmytro Hreshko.

Waking up in Silence

In Waking Up in Silence, Ukrainian children confront their past while exploring their new home in Germany: former military barracks. This film offers a poignant insight into their experiences and the quest for their identity in a new country.

Photo: Waking Up in Silence, courtesy of ENFF Eastern Neighbours Film Festival

Gender Fluidity in the Balkans

Here are some films on the theme of Gender Fluidity in the Balkans:


Christina follows the life of Christina, a transgender sex worker with deep religious beliefs. The film reflects her daily activities and personal journey in contemporary Belgrade.

Maldita: A Love Song to Sarajevo

In Maldita: A Love Song to Sarajevo, Božo Vrećo, the famous Bosnian singer of Sevdah songs and a cultural enfant terrible from the Balkans, unveils a poetic tribute to life in Sarajevo. Infused with passion and sincerity, he shares about the obstacles he has overcome.

Photo: Christina, courtesy of ENFF Eastern Neighbours Film Festival

New Talents Competition

Every year, ENFF invites young filmmakers to submit their debut films. This year, ten films from eight countries have been selected, and the best submission will be awarded the Audience Award in the New Talents Competition. Get ready to be surprised by unique themes and cinematic approaches.

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Thumb photo: Christina, courtesy of ENFF