Dutch Theatre Festival

Dutch Theatre Festival

Sep 01, 2022Sep 11, 2022
Various theatres

See the best English and non-spoken performances at the Dutch Theatre Festival in Amsterdam!

About the Dutch Theatre Festival

The Dutch Theatre Festival (Nederlands Theater Festival) is one of the biggest theatre happenings in the Netherlands and Flanders. For 11 days, it will showcase the best contemporary Dutch performances of the moment. The festival offers a rich and varied programme, aiming to showcase the latest successful developments in the performing arts.

Taking the lead in the debate on the role that theatre plays in our society, the Dutch Theatre Festival blurs the boundaries between different stage disciplines with carefully selected productions that will take place in both large and small venues. The theatrical event will be located in and around Leidseplein and Nes (Amsterdam's theatre district between Langebrugsteeg and Dam Square), occurring simultaneously with the Amsterdam Fringe Festival.

Where to attend Dutch Theatre Festival performances

Here is the complete list of festival locations:

  • De Brakke Grond
  • De Kleine Komedie 
  • De Krakeling
  • DeLaMar
  • Frascatia
  • ITA
  • Mooring
  • NDSM
  • Plantation Dok
  • Court of Amsterdam
  • Theater Bellevue

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