Dutch International Tangoweek

Dutch International Tangoweek

Jun 04, 2022Jun 06, 2022
Leerhotel Het Klooster Daam Fockemalaan 10, 3818 KG
Tickets start from 20 euros

Join in for the incredible Dutch Tangoweek this June 4 to 6 in Amersfoort - a Dutch city just outside of Amsterdam - to experience Argentine tango culture!

About Dutch International Tangoweek

Established in 2009, the goal of The Dutch Tangoweek Foundation is to make the cultural movement of Argentine tango more visible in the Netherlands.

The foundation strives to give this cultural movement the importance and space that it deserves by organising events that are rich with live music and vibrant dancing. Since 2019, an annual multi-day festival has been hosted to celebrate Argentine tango.

Line-up and schedule at Tangoweek

The following artists have been confirmed for Tangoweek 2022:

  • Orquesta Tipica Juan D’Arienzo
  • Tango De Minas 
  • Quinteto Astor
  • Los Milonguitas 
  • Viva El Tango
  • The Youngsters featuring Carel Kraayenhof
  • El Juntacadaveres
  • Warman, Houdijk en Post
  • Omar Mollo
  • Trifid

The festival will kick off with the official opening on Saturday afternoon, and will also include performances from various professional and amateur DJs. Visitors will also be provided with a delicious three-course dinner on Sunday and Monday.

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Interested in attending Tangoweek 2022? Head over to the official website for more information on the foundation, tickets, and other relevant updates.