Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week

Oct 21, 2023Oct 29, 2023

See innovation and creativity in culture and business in this year's edition of Dutch Design Week, the biggest design event in northern Europe! Dutch design week typically attracts close to 400.000 visitors at 499 festival events in 120 locations in Eindhoven, as the leading event of its kind. 

Celebration of Dutch design

Dutch Design Week (DDW) is a nine-day-long celebration of Dutch design, during which interesting works and projects are typically showcased in the city of Eindhoven. DDW offers a vast programme including pre-planned exhibitions, presentations, experiments, seminars, lectures, workshops, meet & greet sessions.

More than 2.600 designers will present their products and concepts to visitors, and there will be hundreds of special events like lectures, award ceremonies, debates and festivities. DDW sets itself apart from other design events by focusing on the future. The event’s emphasis is on experimenting, innovating and creating cross-overs.

DDW Highlights

Highlights of DDW include:

  • Digital design
  • New materials 
  • Social design 
  • Bio design
  • Makers & craft
  • Future living
  • Architecture & public space
  • Art & collectibles

Book your tickets to Dutch Design Week

The tickets to Dutch design week are available on the Dutch Design Week website and there are up-to-date details about the event on the Dutch Design Week Facebook page.

Thumb photo: © Max Kneefel, courtesy of Dutch Design Week