Dutch Brainwash | 7-day Dutch language course

Dutch Brainwash | 7-day Dutch language course

Mar 16, 2024Apr 20, 2024
Talencoach, Keizersgracht 8, 1015 CN
Courses start on March 16 and April 20

Dutch Brainwash is an intensive Dutch course that takes place in the centre of Amsterdam. Run by Albert Both of Talencoach, it has a unique approach that is totally different from any other language course that you’ve ever heard of before.

Owing to a very special combination of powerful learning techniques and personal coaching, great results are possible within a very short time. Within seven days you’ll notice how easy it is to speak about any subject that you like, in Dutch!

The path to clarity with Dutch Brainwash

Far too often a lack of clarity leads to poor results. Once the path is clear, it is simple. Reaching new levels in Dutch is relatively easy, but you must know how to do it. Mainly, it only works if you can see that Dutch is a logical, consistent and funny language.

Don’t worry if you are not convinced of this yet. Step by step you can learn how to construct your own sentences, how to explode your vocabulary while thinking in pictures and which mindset you can use so that you can achieve your goals even more quickly.

Seven days of Dutch

Learning Dutch seven days in a row during the daytime is the biggest time saver that you can ever imagine! One of the many positive aspects is the great energy that you will feel. Although officially you sit in a class, it does not feel like it.

For many people, it feels like sitting around the table with some colleagues or friends. A lot of interaction takes place, doubts are removed and you’ll notice how easy it is to be involved once you notice how relevant Dutch is in your personal (and professional) life! The main goal is to experience freedom when you speak Dutch!

What you will learn at Dutch Brainwash

Here’s what you can expect to gain from Dutch Brainwash:

  • Better pronunciation
  • How to construct sentences about any subject that you like
  • How to increase your vocabulary within seconds
  • What to do if Dutch people switch to English
  • How to talk about situations that are weird and crazy
  • How to sound intelligent in Dutch (with little effort from your part)
  • How to understand much much more
  • How Dutch humour works (so yes, you’ll learn some cheeky things too)
  • How to think in Dutch, so that everything becomes easier

The secret is a simple system that allows you to create thousands of sentences and to expand your vocabulary fast.

Sign up for Dutch Brainwash

Here are the main details about the 7-day course:

  • Duration: 7 Days in a row, always starting on a Saturday
  • Time: Every day 10am-4.45pm
  • Starting dates: March 16 and April 20
  • Maximum amount of people: 8
  • Includes: all training materials & loads of stroopwafels
  • Your investment: 1.595 euros (including VAT)
  • Payment options: You can pay all at once or pay in three installments before the course starts

Extras for course participants

Long after the Dutch Brainwash is over, your progress will continue! Your progress need not stop after 7 days.

You can also try the following:

  • One free eCourse: "The Psychology of Speaking Languages"
  • One free eCourse: "30 Days To Change Your Dutch"
  • Free conversation classes 10 times a year
  • A secret Facebook group where you can practice your Dutch every day
  • Access to new advanced programmes that are only available for Dutch Brainwash Graduates
  • Access to personal coaching that is only available for Dutch Brainwash Graduates


Is the Dutch Brainwash 7-day Dutch course something for you? It’s not for everyone. Here are some important things to consider before signing up.

Feel free to sign up if:

  • You speak English (it does not have to be perfect), if you also speak additional languages, it is even better!
  • You already know some Dutch (it looks and sounds somewhat familiar to you).
  • You have lived at least four months in the Netherlands.
  • You understand that you are in charge of your own results.
  • You are curious, you love fun and you embrace new ideas.
  • You like to experience a radical difference, right now!
  • You are willing to do new things and open your mind!
  • You are interested in Dutch humour.