Delft Ceramica | international ceramics market

Delft Ceramica | international ceramics market

Jul 20, 2019Jul 21, 2019
Markt, 2611

The 15th edition of Delft Ceramica is coming up in the picturesque market square, known as the Markt, in Delft.

What to expect at Delft Ceramica

Delft Ceramica is a free international ceramics market with artworks and wares by over 60 European ceramic artists and designers. They will display their newest works and show the latest techniques and trends in the art of ceramics. Visitors can admire and purchase a diverse selection of ceramics, such as tile tableaus, statuettes, designer pieces, artful household items and jewellery.

Delft and its history in ceramics

Delft has a long history in the manufacturing of beautiful and authentic ceramics such as the famous Delft Blue porcelain. Inspired by the blue and white glazed porcelain that was originally imported from China long ago, Delft Blue has come to be associated with traditional Dutch products. To this day, Delft is a leading tourist hotspot for traditional and modern ceramics. Throughout the city, you will find a lot of galleries to admire.

The last Delftware factory

During your visit to Delft, be sure to check out the last remaining Delftware factory from the 17th century; the Royal Dutch Delftware Factory, also known as "De Porceleyne Fles" (The Porcelain Bottle). This factory still produces hand-painted Royal Delftware according to centuries-old tradition. You can visit this unique factory at the Royal Delft Experience.

Participating ceramic artists

For a list of participating ceramists and a taste of the art you will find at Delft Ceramica 2019, browse the Delft Ceramica website.