DeLaMar Theatre: Wuthering Heights

DeLaMar Theatre: Wuthering Heights

Jun 08, 2023Jun 18, 2023
Marnixstraat 402
From € 29,50

Coming direct from London and New York, this critically acclaimed adaptation of Wuthering Heights is an epic and thrilling story of love, revenge and hope.

For two weeks only: Wuthering Heights at DeLaMar

Rescued from the Liverpool docks as a child, Heathcliff is adopted by Mr. Earnshaw and taken to live at Wuthering Heights. In his daughter, Catherine, Heathcliff finds a kindred spirit, and a fierce and enduring love ignites. However, when forced apart, a brutal chain of events is unleashed.

Shot through with music, humour, puppetry and dance, this production of Wuthering Heights transforms Emily Brontë’s masterpiece into a passionate, powerful and uniquely theatrical experience. An intoxicating revenge tragedy for our time, it warns that our cruel treatment of others affects the world for years to come.

This original English-language production will be shown exclusively at DeLaMar for two weeks only, at the initiative of Sismo Stories & Performances and as a part of the Holland Festival

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"Emotionally epic entertainment" - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Times
"A wildly imaginative, exhilarating piece of theatre" - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Daily Mail
"A bold and ingenious production" - ⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Guardian
"Glorious stage adaptation (…) a gorgeous performance" - The New York Times

Wuthering Heights

Director Emma Rice on Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights is fierce, it’s elemental, it’s wild and musical and passionate to its core.” In this interview with the National Theatre, director Emma Rice talks about her interpretation of Emily Brontë's masterpiece and how she found it to be more relevant than ever:

Extra Events

You can also join the following extra events:

Artist to artist

  • Artist to artist: Emma Rice
  • When: Sunday, June 11 from 12.00pm to 1.30pm
  • Price: 12,50 euros p.p.

Director Emma Rice and executive producer Poppy Keeling talk to Dutch creatives about their artistic choices and motivations. What role do a director, writer and producer have and do we see any differences in their approach?

The panel discussion will be led by Martijn de Rijk and there will be room for questions. The meeting is organised by Sismo Stories & Performances, to promote the knowledge transfer between Dutch and British creatives. Artist to artist will take place prior to the Wuthering Heights performance at 2pm and requires a separate ticket.

In between the panel discussion and the performance there will be a short break where you'll receive a sandwich and a drink.

Meet the artist

  • When: Thursday, June 15
  • Price: Free admission

After the performance on June 15, there will be an aftertalk, where director Emma Rice and a number of actors from Wuthering Heights will answer questions from the audience. The aftertalk is free for visitors of Wuthering Heights, and no extra ticket is required.

Tickets to Wuthering Heights at DeLaMar Theatre

This original English-language production of Wuthering Heights will be shown exclusively at DeLaMar for two weeks only, so get your ticket to this epic theatre performance now! 

Image credit: Header image: Steve Tanner. Other image: Muriel Steinke / Berkeley Repertory Theatre.