De Betovering International Children's Arts Festival

De Betovering International Children's Arts Festival

Oct 13, 2023Oct 21, 2023
Various locations
The Hague

Festival De Betovering is a great way for children from two to 12 years old to spend the school holidays during their autumn break in the Netherlands! In 50 cultural institutions in The Hague, every year, about 450 performances attract up to 23.000 visitors, proving that children’s theatre can be equally, if not more, enchanting than plays for grownups. 

About De Betovering Festival

De Betovering (The Enchantment) is the international arts festival for a younger audience during the autumn break (herfstvakantie) in The Hague. Year after year, it proves to be an ideal activity for the school holidays for both local and international children. Kids are invited to get involved, laugh and be surprised during theatre and dance productions, challenge themselves in fun workshops, stay overnight in a museum and much, much more!

De Betovering programme

The festival programme boasts some 400 shows of both local and international origin, taking place in large theatres, smaller local theatres, museums and libraries. Many of the included productions will be performed for the first time in the Netherlands!

Looking for exciting workshops for the little ones? Here's what's on offer for your child:

  • Learn what it's like to be a professional dancer at Netherlands Dance Theatre.
  • Make your own soundtrack.
  • Taste and prepare international dishes at Humanity House.
  • Create painted artworks in the Mauritshuis and the Gemeentemuseum.
  • Discover what it's like to write your own play at Theaterschool Rabarber.

De Betovering International Children's Arts Festival Circus

Fun in the streets

The fun will not only be limited to Theater aan het Spui. All kinds of things typically happen in different parts of the city. Previous years saw the "drive-in cinema" at The Filmhuis, outside in the streets and at City Hall. Check out the programme on De Betovering website to see what De Betovering 2023 entails.

Magical rides and workshops

Young visitors get to build their own magical contraptions at the heart of the festival. In previous years, houses, little shops and fantasy animals were created. There will also be various workshops where children can try their hand at dance, music, filmmaking, painting, theatre and much more.

De Betovering International Children's Arts Festival The Hague

English activities at De Betovering

Language is not an issue! Take note of the NDR-logos in the programme (No Dutch required). De Betovering realises that not all kids living in the Netherlands speak Dutch and, as such, have made sure that there are plenty of events to meet their needs. 

The "language no problem" activities expand beyond the usual dance and visual arts to workshops and tutorials that include circus shows, craft lessons, making your own books, playing an instrument and more!

Have a look at the De Betovering website to find the perfect events for your little one!

De Betovering International Children's Arts Festival the Netherlands