Dance Valley

Aug 12, 2017

Dance Valley is one of the Netherlands’ oldest and biggest open-air music festivals.

Dance Valley’s history

Commonly referred to as "the Woodstock of dance," Dance Valley is held in the pretty area of Spaarnwoude every summer. It began in 1995 and attracted 8.000 visitors in its first edition. In 2005, it became a three-day event, with camping available on site.

Since then Dance Valley has attracted even bigger crowds every year and now has a reputation as one of the best Dutch festivals.

Heaps of music at Dance Valley

Dance Valley is focused solely on dance music, with trance being the central "driving force".

Its main stage hosts mainstream dance acts, with several smaller stages and tents for more specialised music (e.g. electro, hardcore trance, etc).

Every year it offers performances from hundreds of national and international bands and DJs. There are also hundreds of live performers and acts, who will keep you entertained throughout the festival.