Dam tot Damloop | Run from Amsterdam to Zaandam

Dam tot Damloop | Run from Amsterdam to Zaandam

Sep 16, 2023Sep 17, 2023
Amsterdam, Zaandam
Free for spectators

Dam tot Damloop brings avid runners through the IJ tunnel from Amsterdam to Zaandam. The fact that the start and finish are in two completely different cities makes this race stand out from the rest. 

Ten English Miles

The 10 English Mile (16km) is the longest distance of the Dam tot Damloop runs. Some of the world’s top athletes participate in this route. It starts at the Prins Hendrikkade in Amsterdam from 10.20am onwards, and the finish line is in the Peperstraat in Zaandam.

Other Dam tot Dam races

Dam tot Damloop is known as the biggest sporting weekend in the Netherlands, with multiple races on the programme.

  • Dam tot Dam Wandeltocht which is for hikers, on Saturday
  • Dam tot Dam FietsClassic especially for cyclists, which typically attracts 6.000 cyclists
  • Mini Dam tot Dam course in Zaandam and in Amsterdam north
  • A night-time 5-mile run
  • Recreational 5-mile run for business team building

The night before there’s a 5-mile run (8 km) through the streets of Zaandam. A maximum of 15.000 runners can take part. This evening run is suitable for novice runners and new running enthusiasts, and it’s also a nice warm-up for the 10-mile run.

The business run is becoming increasingly popular – it’s ideal as a team-building event. More and more organisations are investing in this, promoting a fit and healthy staff, as well as great interactions within the staff, developing the interpersonal skills of the staff. 

A day out for spectators

Every year, more than 250.000 spectators cheer on the runners at the Dam tot Damloop. This great turnout is the main reason behind the event’s fun and unique atmosphere. Spectators are advised to encourage the runners at the starting point on the Prins Hendrikkade and then move to a spot along the course.

The residents in Amsterdam-Noord and Zaandam go all out during the run, decorating the streets with streamers, banners and balloons. There is live music at over 30 locations.

The Dam tot Dam Fan Square

After you meet the runners at the finish line you can celebrate in the Dam tot Dam Fan Square (Burgemeester in ‘t Veldpark). Here you can see live music performances, follow the run broadcast on a large video screen and enjoy a snack and a drink.