Jul 21, 2017Aug 13, 2017
Parking Westblaak

Visit a temporary city park, located at 30 metres height, with a view of the most beautiful skyline in the Netherlands!

DÂK is a pop-up hangout on the rooftop of Parking Westblaak, which can be accessed for three weeks in July and August.

Local holiday

At DÂK, you can have a local holiday by tasting influences from world cities like New York, Berlin and Barcelona, Rotterdam-style! Live music from all over the world is played while visitors enjoy a cold beer or margarita.

All images courtesy of DÂK
Thumb image by Ossip van Duivenbode

Every day various festivities take place, such as local DJs, dance parties, movie screenings, sports events, drinks and open mic nights.

Social BBQ

You can also grab a bite at the Social BBQ, making DÂK the perfect place to enjoy yourself while looking out over the city. Bring your own meat and roast it on one of the large barbecue grills, standing side by side with friends and total strangers alike.