Cultura Nova theatre festival

Cultura Nova theatre festival

Aug 26, 2023Sep 03, 2023
Limburg, Heerlen

For 10 days in late summer, Heerlen, in the south of the Netherlands, will transform into a booming centre of theatre, visual art, circus arts, installations and all sorts of performances during Cultura Nova festival! Artists and ensembles from various countries will aim to move the audience at various special locations and stages.

About Cultura Nova

Known as a breeding ground for local, national and international talent, Cultura Nova presents 10 full days of passionate and inspiring performances and artworks from a variety of disciplines. The performances at Cultura Nova take place at a wide spectrum of locations around the city of Heerlen, adding a degree of excitement and the opportunity for the visitor to explore the beauty of the region.

Open to visitors of all ages, there is also a series of performances geared towards children, making it a fun day out for the whole family! Browse their incredible agenda and have a read-through of what they have to offer in 2023!

A spectacular festival in the south of the Netherlands

Cultura Nova stages can be found not only in the city of Heerlen, but throughout Parkstad Limburg - the conurbation that includes Heerlen and the towns of Kerkrade, Landgraaf, Brunssum, Simpelveld, Voerendaal, Nuth and Onderbanken. Check out the event website to see which locations are planning on hosting performances this year.

The prime locations for Cultura Nova performances typically include:

  • Heerlen Theatre
  • Heerlen Culture House
  • Studio 54 Heerlen
  • Mondriaan Welten Heerlen
  • Kerkrade Theatre
  • Spiegeltent on the festival square
  • Raadhuisplein
  • Pancratiusplein
  • Maankwartier

The festival also attracts spectators from nearby Maastricht and, of course, visitors from over the German border, therefore, this is also the perfect event for expats in Germany.

Plan your visit to Cultura Nova

There are so many performances to choose from in different locations around Limburg, so take a look at the Cultura Nova programme, book your tickets and plan your visit.