Crepe City Sneaker Festival

Crepe City Sneaker Festival

Jul 31, 2022
NDSM Loods, NDSM-Plein 85, 1033 WC
12 euros for a standard ticket (20 euros for a VIP ticket)

This one goes out to all the sneaker fans and streetwear enthusiasts in the Netherlands! Crepe City Sneaker Festival, Europe’s largest travelling sneaker event, brings true shoe fanatics together to share their passion and find their new favourite pair.

You may have scoured the best vintage shops in Amsterdam for your ideal pair of sneakers or attended the VinoKilo pop up vintage store and are ready for something mega! More than a mere marketplace, the Crepe City Sneaker Festival features a gathering of the world’s top sneaker brands and stores, as well as small businesses and boutique sneaker retailers.

Sneaker fans converge in Amsterdam

Taking place in the city of Amsterdam on July 31, Crepe City Sneaker Festival provides attendees the opportunity to view exclusive prototypes, explore vintage designs and purchase rare and limited edition sneaker styles. Additionally, leading brands like Puma and Nike present their most up-to-the-minute collections, special editions and more, providing a great insight into the latest trends.

Local small-scale sneaker retailers and collectors also welcome visitors to come and browse their collections, featuring one-off items, unique custom sneakers and more, which might just be your chance to find your dream pair of sneakers.

Crepe City Sneaker Festival highlights

Wishing for a specialised sneaker-related event to feast your eyes on sneakers and share ideas with other sneaker fanatics? Established fashion industry professionals host a number of talks and panel discussions, spreading sneaker insights in a friendly, welcoming environment. This year also sees Crepe City Sneaker Festival partnering with foodtrucks and DJs, bringing a well-rounded, unmissable festival vibe for sneakerheads and fans of streetwear! 

Get your tickets to Crepe City Sneaker Festival

Ready to get your sneakers on and bag that one pair you have coveted for so long? Book your tickets on the Crepe City Sneaker Festival website. It costs 12 euros for a standard ticket and 20 euros for a VIP ticket.