Cool Event Scheveningen

Cool Event Scheveningen

Nov 11, 2023Feb 11, 2024
Monday to Saturday from 10am until 10pm, Sunday from 9am until 10pm
Kurhausplein, Gevers Deynootplein 121, 2586CR,
The Hague

Scheveningen is the icy hub of The Hague with Cool Event, as the old bathhouse is turned into a true paradise in winter.

Winter paradise at Cool Event Scheveningen

Each year, the area in front of the Kurhaus Hotel is transformed into the winter paradise that is Cool Event Scheveningen, with various fun events taking place. The ice rink will be open daily and is surrounded by heated restaurant terraces that offer warm drinks and seasonal dishes.

Cool Event Scheveningen

Ice skating rink at the Kurhaus Hotel

The main attraction and audience favourite is the 600m2 ice skating rink in front of the Kurhaus Hotel, called the "Kurhausplein on Ice". Heated terraces around the square offer a lovely relaxing spot to enjoy winter drinks and dishes.

Ice sculptures at Scheveningen Pier

From the beginning of December, the Ice Sculpture Exhibition will open in a massive tent at the famous pier, to be enjoyed by young and old!

Cool Event Scheveningen Kurhaus

Winter events in the Netherlands for the whole family

Cool Event Scheveningen is fun to check out on a family outing during the school holidays or as a winter activity with friends or coworkers. Other popular Christmas-related fairs for young and old include Castle Christmas Fair, Royal Christmas Fair and Christmas Fair at Doorn House. If you're in the Dutch capital, you might also enjoy the Amsterdam Winter Paradise.

Plan your visit to Cool Event Scheveningen

With so many deals available, from meal and skating combinations, office and school outings, children's parties, skating and cinema deals, it's a good idea to browse the Cool Event website as you plan your visit and book your tickets.

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