Come and celebrate spring at Royal Coster Diamonds with the new Garden collection

Come and celebrate spring at Royal Coster Diamonds with the new Garden collection

May 11, 2024
Paulus Potterstraat 6, 1071 CZ
Free (registration required)

Spring is in the air at Royal Coster Diamonds, the house of diamonds located on Amsterdam's Museumplein. On March 20, the first day of spring, they launched their Garden collection, featuring jewellery inspired by the spring season and the shapes and patterns of nature. To celebrate spring and all the joy that comes with it, Royal Coster Diamonds invites you to come and see the new collection on May 11, 2024. Join them for a drink and delve yourself into the world of diamonds.

New beginnings

The Garden collection invites you to embrace a new beginning. Nature is awakening from its winter rest, and the cold is fading away under the gentle touch of the sun. Flowers are blooming, and gardens are becoming colourful once again. It is a time of growth and renewal, full of freshness and hope. Spring embraces a new beginning and reminds us that even after cold winter days, something beautiful awaits us.

Romantic touch 

The jewellery that makes up the Garden collection all feature a recognisable flower shape with brilliant-cut diamonds as four petals. The heart of the flower consists of a square, or "princess" cut diamond. The diamonds are set in a milgrain bezel setting, where the diamond is enclosed by a thin gold band. A delicate bead texture is added on top of the band. A bezel setting is one of the safest diamond settings and is ideal for jewellery worn daily.

Floral wig 

For this special campaign shoot of the "Garden" collection, Royal Coster Diamonds has collaborated with flower artist Yusif Khalilov. He created a beautiful floral wig that fits the theme of the collection and the spring season. He used ranunculus, spray roses, calla lilies, and tulips, among other flowers. The key visual with the floral wig is prominently displayed on and around Museumplein.

Jewellery for everyone 

The collection features an assortment of four sub-lines that vary in size of the jewellery and price level. These sub-lines are named after terms indicating growth, such as "Bloom", "Grow", "Flourish", and "Prosper". The collection includes rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. All jewellery is crafted from 18K gold and available in both yellow gold and white gold.

About Royal Coster Diamonds 

With nearly 200 years of experience, Royal Coster Diamonds is an expert in diamond cutting. They have created jewellery for Prince Napoleon, Empress Sisi and in 1852, the craftsmen of Royal Coster were chosen by Queen Victoria to re-polish the largest diamond in the world, the Koh-I-Noor. Located in Museumplein in Amsterdam, Royal Coster Diamonds is at your service for diamond jewellery, high-end watches, tours, and workshops. Join them if you want to become a diamond expert! 

Celebrate spring at Royal Coster Diamonds 

The Garden collection is available at Royal Coster Diamonds on Museumplein in Amsterdam. Visit their showroom on Saturday, May 11, for a drink and to discover this unique collection. You can visit Royal Coster Diamonds from 9am-5pm at Paulus Potterstraat 6, 10171 CZ Amsterdam. Make your appointment on the Royal Coster website.