Climate strike in the The Hague

Climate strike in the The Hague

Sep 27, 2019
The Hague

This September, millions of people across the world have been going on strike and participating in climate marches to call for an end to our current state of climate change and its treacherous consequences. The Global Climate Strike takes place from September 20-27, and on its final day, The Hague shows its solidarity.

The earth is suffering and people worldwide are waking up to this truth. Many are already being hit hard by the climate crisis, while no country is free of pollution and its already detrimental effects which are set to escalate. It is time to do something and take matters into our own hands.

Join the climate strike for our precious planet

The Netherlands has its own Climate Strike and it's up to people living in the Netherlands - whether local or expat - to take part. Let’s join together for the Climate Strike (Klimaatstaking) in The Hague on September 27 and strike for a fair and liveable planet.

  • When: September 27 at 1pm
  • Where: Koekamp, The Hague

Expats and locals take part in the climate strike

The Hague is the international city of peace and justice, where many world organisations and NGOs reside. The turn-out is likely to consist of people from all over the world, from locals and residents of other Dutch cities to expats and even tourists visiting the Netherlands. Will you be one of them?