Transformative Energy Healing City Retreat in The Hague

Transformative Energy Healing City Retreat in The Hague

Oct 29, 2022Oct 30, 2022
Sun Kyeong Centre, Parkstraat 99, 3rd Floor, 2514 JH
The Hague

Are you ready for a transformative retreat that will help you recharge your body and mind and forge a deep connection with your spirit? Then perhaps City Retreat with Master Oh is just the thing for you. So, get your tickets now!

Attend City Retreat with Master Oh

Master Oh is travelling to the Netherlands to give a two-day transformative, energising City Retreat at the Sun Kyeong Centre in The Hague on October 29-30, 2022, sharing his deep wisdom, as well as universal love, light and energy.

Over the last 35 years, Master Oh has helped thousands of people to overcome mild - as well as chronic - health conditions and achieve emotional wellbeing by learning to receive the vibration Qi and connect to their true essence.

Through inspiring talks and powerful meditations, Master Oh will help you to recharge the body, mind and spirit, clear negative thought patterns, alleviate pain, digestive issues, depression and anxiety, find a deep connection to your spirit, and receive the infinite wisdom of the universe.

During this City Retreat, Master Oh will shed light on how inherited energy patterns can affect you and your own energy system. Learn how to clear these patterns through Ancestor Healing, a programme to clear karmic blockages and pave the way for a brighter and healthier future.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to gain incredible tools that will help you connect to yourself and the universe. Learn to tune to the vibration of Qi, setting you on the path towards true connection, greater health and inner happiness.

Sun Kyeong

What to expect at the City Retreat with Master Oh

The Sun Kyeong team hopes you can join them for what promises to be a life-changing and wonderful weekend at the City Retreat at the Sun Kyeong Centre. Here's what you can expect:

  • Four inspiring talks
  • Four transformative meditation sessions
  • Two energising Qi classes
  • One powerful Qi treatment
  • A light lunch

Fruit, snacks and drinks will be available throughout the retreat. You can also enjoy an optional Korean meal on Saturday night, for an extra 35 euros. Note that this needs to be booked in advance.

Get in touch with the Sun Kyeong Centre

  • For enquiries, please contact Alistair
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 070 514 7544
  • Website:


Special offer for IamExpat readers

If you are interested in this, but perhaps unable to attend the above event, Sun Kyeong The Hague and Sun Kyeong Hengelo would like to offer you a special 50 percent discount on a first-time Qi acupressure treatment - making it 30 euros for an hour session, down from 60 euros. (Sorry not with Master Oh). Click on the red name links to make a booking.