Cinekid Festival - the world's largest film festival for kids

Cinekid Festival - the world's largest film festival for kids

Oct 16, 2023Oct 22, 2023
Various locations

Every year during the autumn school holidays, Cinekid Festival for kids aged four to 14 takes place. It's the world's largest film festival for kids! This year there's a wide variety of films and fun programmes available in the main location in Pathé Amsterdam Noord, as well as events taking place in different Dutch cities.

Introducing young people to film and media

Based at Pathé Amsterdam Noord in Amsterdam but branching out to many other cinemas in the Netherlands and accessible via streaming, Cinekid Festival introduces young people to the media industry through fun movies and activities. Over 100 special films, documentaries and television programmes are presented, and many other activities pop up, too.

A digital playground for kids

The MediaLab is a digital playground where children can experiment with innovative tools to create games, installations and apps themselves. Other workshops and masterclasses go into all the aspects of making film, from acting to presenting. There will be plenty of films and programmes for non-Dutch speakers.

Photo: courtesy of CineKid Cinekid Festival Netherlands film festival for kids

About Cinekid

Cinekid’s goal is to stimulate children's imaginations through the media industry by using film and other image-based outlets. Reaching their target group to actively participate and even help develop in media, Cinekid introduces the new generation to the importance and possibilities of creation and communication.

A type of bridge between professionals and the target audience, Cinekid exposes children to film and media from various parts of the world as well as showing them the behind the scenes creative and production processes. Valuable for both kids and the industry alike, professionals get an immediate and honest reaction to what they've been working on. 

Along with the films, kids will also have the opportunity to experience new advancements in the Medialab while learning about film techniques during workshops! One of the highlights of the festival is the awards where the best in children's film and television are determined by the Dutch public and a jury of experts!

Get your Cinekid tickets

Get tickets to Cinekid for your kids or for all the family! Browse the Cinekid Festival website to choose a film and book your tickets.

Photo: courtesy of CineKid Cinekid film festival for kids

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