Chocoa Chocolate Festival

Chocoa Chocolate Festival

Feb 22, 2020Feb 23, 2020
Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243

Experience the sweet, chocolatey goodness of Chocoa on February 22-23! From cocoa farmers to chocolatiers to chocoholics, this event is about bringing the world of chocolate together, with multiple amazing exhibitors.


Every year, Chocoa attracts thousands of visitors and this will be the seventh edition of the annual cocoa and chocolate event. Join a chocolate-tasting session, meet the craftsmen behind the cocoa and nibble away at Chocoa.

Patissiers, chocolatiers, chocolate manufacturers, cocoa bean farmers, chocolate stakeholders and chocolate lovers gather yearly at Amsterdam's monument of trade: the Beurs van Berlage.

Chocoa chocolate festival Amsterdam

[February 22-23] Chocoa Festival

Learn everything you have ever wanted to know about the sumptuous world of chocolate at the two-day Chocoa Festival which is open to the public. Check out the chocolate-making process from bean to bar, and discover the vast array of flavours in good cocoa and quality chocolate.

Discover new flavours paired with wine, coffee and craft beer at more than 75 stands. Meet renowned chocolate makers and experts, and taste their most special creations! There will be lots to explore, such as free tastings, musical performances and documentaries and films about sustainability.

Chocoa chocolate festival Amsterdam

Chocoa Trade Fair [February 20-21]

The Chocoa Trade Fair is perfect for anyone who wants to get into the chocolate trade. Get insights on how to buy directly from cocoa farmers, what equipment you’ll need to make chocolate, and networking and business opportunities can all be found there. The Trade Fair helps establish contacts between cocoa growers, chocolate makers, importers, suppliers of equipment and service providers in the cocoa sector.

The Chocoa Forum activities are divided into two main parts: "All about cocoa" and "All about chocolate". This takes you all the way from origin of cocoa beans to business trends and from flavour development to chocolate marketing.

The Chocoa Conference aims to facilitate an open debate on issues regarding the fair production and trade of chocolate, to create an environment in the industry that is open to different views and opinions.

The Chocoa auction takes place on February 21, beginning at 3.30pm. Cocoa bean producers whose beans have previously won the International Cocoa Awards (ICA) have been invited to participate. This is a valuable event that aims to raise the bar in cocoa bean quality. All profits go towards development projects chosen by some of the cocoa producers.

Chocoa chocolate festival Amsterdam

The goal of Chocoa

Chocoa is dedicated to increasing the market for sustainable and fair chocolate. The Dutch government and business industry have committed themselves to reaching a 100 percent sustainable model of chocolate consumption by the year 2025. In aid of this, Chocoa is bringing stakeholders from every part of the chocolate production chain together, from the cocoa producers to chocolate consumers, for new projects in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has the largest cocoa harbour in the world and is located in a region where a lot of the world's cocoa is processed. Chocoa is the only event in the world that is fully dedicated to making chocolate sustainable. This initiative puts the Netherlands even more clearly on the map when it comes to fair chocolate production.

Chocoa chocolate festival Amsterdam Chocoa chocolate festival Amsterdam Chocoa chocolate festival Amsterdam