Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Jan 25, 2020
Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague

On January 25, we will head into the year of the rat, marking the beginning of a new year!

Gong xi fa cai, or Happy New Year!

Year of the Rat

In various Asian countries, each lunar year is related to an animal sign according to a 12-year cycle. The rat ranks 1st in the zodiac and is a symbol of wealth and good fortune. Each year links an animal and an element together. As this year’s element is earth, 2020 is the year of the Earth Rat.

If the rat is your birth sign, you'll be happy to hear that according to Chinese astrology, people born in the year of the rat can be optimistic, energetic, wealthy and have a sense of abundance. Lucky things for people born in the year of the rat include the colours blue, gold and green, numbers 2 and 3 and the lily and the African violet.

Chinese New Year dancing dragon

Celebrate Chinese New Year in the Netherlands

Every year, Chinese New Year is celebrated in certain locations in the Netherlands. Traditional dragon dances, fireworks and decorations will pop up in areas where many Chinese people gather.

Celebrations in Rotterdam

[January 27-February 2] China Markt, Wijkpark Het Oude Westen

Chinese New Year in Rotterdam will be an extended celebration, lasting a grand seven days, and featuring various events. The city centre will be the stage for a traditional dragon dance, as well as lion dances and fireworks. There will also be special activities throughout the city for the whole week.

Celebrations in Amsterdam

[January 25] Zeedijk, Nieuwmarkt, Chinatown, Dam Square

The Chinese New Year is usually a time for people to visit the temple. You can visit the Buddhist temple Fo Guang Shan He Hua at the Zeedijk in Amsterdam. Festivities in Amsterdam include a fireworks show, dragon dances and lots of Asian food!

Celebrations in The Hague

[January 25] Chinatown, City Hall and Spui

The Hague will be celebrating both in the local Chinatown and in the inner city. The area outside of the City Hall will be the stage for the ritual colouring in of the lions’ eyes. There will be fireworks and dragon dances at the Spui and performances by Chinese and Dutch artists in the Atrium. There will also be an Asian market.

A little taste of China in the Netherlands

Want to celebrate the Chinese New Year without travelling abroad? Check out the celebrations in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam! Please note: Although the official Chinese New Year 2020 will be on January 25, not all celebrations will take place on this specific date, so check the aforementioned links for the most up-to-date information.