Castlefest Winter Edition in the Keukenhof Castle grounds

Castlefest Winter Edition in the Keukenhof Castle grounds

Nov 24, 2018Nov 25, 2018
Keukenhof Estate

Enter an enchanted winter wonderland in the fantasy world of Castlefest Winter Edition in the grounds of Keukenhof Castle! The estate is better known for its famous gardens that open for six weeks each spring: Keukenhof is a national treasure.

Winter magic at the Keukenhof

Transport yourself into a fantastical realm of castles and magical beings at the spectacular Castlefest, where celebrations and winter pagan rituals take place in cosy heated tents and grand halls! This great event for all ages is a totally immersive experience with fantasy-themed music, costumes, merchandise, writing and good food! 


Music performances at Castlefest Winter Edition

Three festival stages, the Great Hall and the Yule Stage will feature a large number of bands, playing everything from Celtic music to modern tunes. The Castlefest music programme is varied and exciting on each day of the festival.

Castlefest winter edition activities

Stroll around the market, try a Medieval workshop or discover the writers’ market, heathen gang and winter rituals. You won't be bored at Castlefest! Other activities include folk dancing, storytelling, a special childrens’ realm and themed games.

Plan your visit to Winter at Castlefest

Plan your visit and book your tickets in advance on the Castlefest website. It's possible to sleep nearby, so browse the accommodation page of the Castlefest website.