Carré Beweegt - Carré on the Move

Carré Beweegt - Carré on the Move

Apr 17, 2018Apr 22, 2018
Royal Carré Theater, Amstel 115 /125, 1018 EM
Various prices

Carré Beweegt, meaning Carré on the Move, is a week of circus arts, acrobatics and physical theatre, an arresting spectacle in the famous Royal Carré Theater overlooking the Amstel river in Amsterdam.

Circus arts, acrobatics and physical theatre

From April 17 until April 22, Carré presents Carré Beweegt for the very first time. This week will be packed full of energetic, dazzling shows. A new generation of performers of circus arts, acrobatics and physical theatre from around the world will indulge audiences with eye-catching physical entertainment. 


Carré Beweegt Programme

Carré Bewegt is centred around four international companies Cirque le Roux, Circolombia, Flip FabriQue and Fauna.

[April 17 and 18] Cirque Le Roux – The Elephant in the Room 

The world renowned French company Cirque Le Roux is magnificent, consisting of impressive acrobatics as well as slapstick elements. With The Elephant in the Room we find ourselves in the world of silent film as Miss Betty welcomes a visitor to her luxurious home, where she’s caught between her desperate husband, clumsy servant and beguiling admirer. Meanwhile, nobody is able to perceive the proverbial elephant in the room. 

[April 19 until 22] Circolombia - Acéléré 

Circolombia presents the daring performance Acéléré, giving you a glimpse into the Colombian circus traditions where singing, strength and dance are all at its centre. The astounding power of the artists coupled with their body control and risk-taking are nothing short of remarkable. Circolombia garnered huge attention with their debut show Urban which received outstanding reactions.

[April 21 and 22] Flip FabriQue – Transit 

Flip FabriQue is a young fresh company who incorporate the experiences that each of their members have amassed from performing with such prestigious companies as Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Eloize. Transit is about how life changes and evolves and how experiences become memories. The company challenges their audience to live in the present and let their fantasies run free.

[April 19 until 21] Fauna 

Fauna is all about top level acrobatics and physical entertainment. In 2017 this company won several prizes, including a prestigious award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In this thrilling spectacle, which is both complex and beautiful, they examine the border between humans and animal, emphasising the similarities between human behaviour and animal behaviour. 

Book your tickets

On the Royal Carré Theater website you can book your tickets in advance. 

There are various combination deals available, from a two-performance afternoon deal with a drink and a bite included, or an evening deal that includes two performances and a three-course dinner. 

There is also a pass which allows you to experience all four dazzling performances.

Built for circus performances

Carré Theater is one of the most iconic buildings in Amsterdam. Interestingly, it was originally intended as a circus performance venue! 

Founded in 1887, the German circus director Oscar Carré was searching far and wide for a venue for circuses and thus, the Circus Carré was built. From 1893 onwards, vaudeville shows were added to the theatre’s roster and these shows became so popular, that it was transformed from a circus venue to a theatre venue for vaudeville, cabaret, musicals and pop concerts.

The theatre’s name and purpose may have changed over the years, but with its origins in mind, the Carré Beweegt is perfectly apt for such a venue.