Cannabis Liberation Day

Cannabis Liberation Day

Jun 17, 2018

In a grand celebration of international cannabis culture and everything the famous green herb has to offer, the 10th Cannabis Liberation Day is taking place at the Flevopark in Amsterdam!

Peaceful celebration

The 10th edition of the biggest cannabis and hemp festival in the Netherlands is a peaceful event where music and a good atmosphere stipulate the vibe. The free event is celebrating Dutch cannabis culture and promoting a broader legalisation of uses of the hemp plant.

Performers and speakers

Local and international bands and DJs will play music on the main stage, and there will also be a Reggae & Dub area. Various speakers and debates will address the controversial subject of cannabis, marijuana and (soft) drug use. At a large hemp fair, more than 50 companies and organisations will be presenting themselves and their wares.

Current rules on cannabis sales and use

There is a policy of tolerance regarding cannabis in the Netherlands. This means that selling, using and cultivating the substance is tolerated under certain conditions.

Coffeeshops can sell a maximum of five grams per person, and their stock can’t be bigger than 500 grams. They can’t sell to minors or be located near a school, and advertising is forbidden.

An adult can have up to 5 grams on them, and growing cannabis is allowed for up to five plants for personal use.

The policy was initiated in 1976 as a first step to full regulation, but there haven’t been new developments to this cause since.