Amsterdam Open Tower Day

Amsterdam Open Tower Day

Mar 26, 2022
10am - 4pm

If you're a fan of architecture, culture and history, or if you just love catching breathtaking views, don’t miss the 10th annual Open Tower Day in Amsterdam!

Architectural wonders of Amsterdam

During Open Tower Day (Open Toren Dag), the architectural wonders of Amsterdam that are usually closed to the public will open their doors. Dozens of historic and modern towers are expected to reveal their interiors in the 2022 edition. Famous company buildings like the ABN Amro headquarters can be admired up close by visitors.

The view of Amsterdam from the top of the towers is a sight to behold as well, and visitors are encouraged to bring binoculars. Various activities will be arranged on location, such as art tours, music performances, walking routes and a photography and film competition.

Previous towers on show

In the past years these buildings have been include:

  • De Bijenkorf
  • Kalverpassage / Blue Amsterdam
  • Posthoornkerk
  • SWEETS Hotel - 202
  • Zilveren Toren / Level Eleven
  • Lloyd Hotel
  • QO
  • UP Office Building
  • Cityden Amsterdam West
  • Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam Rembrandtpark
  • Rochdale
  • A'DAM Lookout
  • Nautique Living
  • Ransdorpertoren
  • Oranjekerk
  • ABNAMRO Headquarters & Circl
  • Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South
  • Marathontoren
  • nhow Amsterdam RAI
  • The Edge
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Plan your Open Tower Day

Browse the Open Tower Day website, choose your tower and plan your day of impressive city views.