Canal Festival Amsterdam

Canal Festival Amsterdam

Aug 10, 2017Aug 19, 2017
Various venues
Various prices, many free

The Amsterdam canals are playing host to a bunch of fantastic music performances at the Canal Festival!

About Canal Festival Amsterdam

Canal Festival Amsterdam (Grachtenfestival) is an annual music festival held at special locations on or beside the Amsterdam canals. Young musicians from around the world gather to engage young and old in all kinds of unique classical concerts.

Over a period of 10 days, the Canal Festival provides a stage for young and renowned soloists and ensembles, choosing an appropriate and often historical setting for each musical event.

Concerts are high quality yet accessible, which is what makes the festival unique, together with its great atmosphere.

The remarkably successful festival attracts over 60.000 visitors every year, who bring along their love for Dutch canals.

In Style

The theme of the 2017 Canal Festival is "In Style". Performers are encouraged to use this theme in inventive ways.

Some choose to make use of the Amsterdam canal bridges, whilst others highlight their international differences or show the many different ways classical music can be made accessible to all kinds of audiences.

Junior Grachtenfestival

The Junior Grachtenfestival includes productions for all age groups, from babies and toddlers right up to teenagers.

New performance locations are added every year, many concerts are free and where there are entry fees, these are kept as low as possible.

All images courtesy of Grachtenfestival Amsterdam