Breda Jazz Festival

Breda Jazz Festival

May 18, 2023May 21, 2023
Tickets starting from 16 euros

The Breda Jazz Festival is back, this year celebrating the 51st edition of the event! The festival typically welcomes over 250.000 music lovers to the historic city of Breda with phenomenal jazz music and a lively atmosphere.

Breda Jazz Festival

Each year, starting on Ascension Day, the Breda Jazz Festival turns the city into one big stage for four days, featuring lots of free open-air concerts attracting jazz fans of all ages. Listeners stream into the North Brabant city in their droves from all over the Netherlands

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Celebrated for its universal appeal, its longevity, as well as, of course, its quality music, Breda Jazz Festival attracts fantastic musicians from all over the world. In recent editions, musicians at the festival have hailed from the USA, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

A jazz festival for everybody

Thanks to the ingenious programming, Breda Jazz Festival always manages to have something for everybody in the audience. Jazz in its nature is diverse, from bebop to Dixieland, from big band to avant-garde jazz, from cool jazz to crossover jazz, from East Coast jazz to West Coast jazz, and any fusion combinations you can possibly imagine. With this in mind, this event is one where people from all walks of life can enjoy the gift of music.

Every year, around 250.000 visitors from across the Netherlands and even farther afield make their way over to Breda for this beloved music event. Thanks to the broad appeal as well as the festival’s great reputation for quality music, it has been hailed as the largest jazz festival in all of Europe.

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Breda Jazz Festival artists

Jazz and all kinds of related styles will be performed by local and international treasures with promising talents, who know how to keep the air buzzing with music. Breda Jazz Festival's previous artists have included Hans Dulfer, Guillaume Nouaux, Nicki Parrott, Along Comes Mary, BRASSOciety, Bernd Lhotzky, Detonics, Dr Brass, Georgina Peach and the Originators, Paddy Sherlock, Jazz Circus Collective and many more!

Over 180 jazz concerts

Across 22 venues all over the city of Breda, hundreds of concerts will be given, and most of them are free. As well as the multiple outdoor stages, there are also some indoor events with a reasonable ticket cost of between 16 and 27 euros. Keep an eye on the Breda Jazz Festival website for more information.

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Thumb photo: courtesy of Breda Jazz Festival