Brainwash Weekend | online conversations amongst thought leaders of today

Brainwash Weekend | online conversations amongst thought leaders of today

Apr 25, 2021
3.30pm to 8pm
13 euros

There are no simple answers, but plenty of interesting perspectives. This is what you'll glean from Brainwash Weekend, which challenges people to think about the state of the world, offering insights on democracy, science, health, economy, ecology and even the future! 

At Brainwash Weekend, thought leadership and research are at the centre of the online events, bringing together scientists, artists, writers, poets and philosophers. There are many of these weekends throughout the year, and annually, there's the much larger Brainwash Festival which happens each autumn in the Netherlands. Many of the talks are often broadcast on the Dutch national broadcaster NPO2.

Tomorrow's Economy in 2021

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The next edition of Brainwash Weekend takes place on April 25, 2021, from 3.30pm to 8pm, exploring the economy of the future. Most of the programme is in English. 

Tomorrow's Economy is the theme of this edition of the event. Nowadays, our lives seem to be dictated by technology, with hours spent constantly scrolling, swiping and liking each day. What effect will this have on our economy? This topic will be explored in a live-streamed event with philosophers, economists and artists.

Tomorrow's Economy programme

  • 3.30pm-4.15pm: "F*%king Busy" with psychologist, writer and speaker Thijs Launspach (in Dutch)
  • 4.30pm-6pm: "The Future of Work" with Daniel Susskind & Pavlina Tcherneva (in English)
  • 7pm-8pm: "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism" with Shoshana Zuboff & Haroon Sheikh (in English)

Get your tickets to Brainwash Weekend

Get your tickets on the Brainwash Festival website. Standard tickets give you access to the full day of events, costing 13 euros. IamExpat readers receive a 3-euro discount by entering the promo code "expateconomy"!