Black-tie event for highly educated singles with Successful Single

Black-tie event for highly educated singles with Successful Single

May 10, 2019
Maritime Museum, Kattenburgerplein 1, 1018 KK

Meet your ideal partner on May 10 in Amsterdam with Successful Single, the black-tie event for highly educated, single people.

Dating market stalled  

There are numerous online dating websites, dating apps, speed dating events and dating agencies, so why is it that the number of singles in the Netherlands increases every year? 

Highly educated professionals

In the Netherlands, there are 2.500.000 single people, more than 300.000 of whom are at least at a professional level. The number of single professionals is increasing. At the moment, according to the Dutch Statistics Bureau, there are more highly educated single women than highly educated single men. 

Meet your life partner on May 10

At Successful Single, they do not look at what fits well in the market, but what fits well with a PERSON - after all, we are people and not products. In today’s society, people are seen as products and treated as such, and the current dating industry is a reflection of this.

May 10, singles who are successful in life but not in love can meet their life partner at the Maritime Museum (Scheepvaartmuseum) in Amsterdam. 

Singles who want to attend the event must register on the website with a LinkedIn account. After a screening, they will receive a payment link to buy a ticket. Then, the singles submit their preferences regarding a life partner, such as age range, religion or other preferences.


A few days before the event, singles will be given access to a file with the men and women who meet their preferences as a life partner. From this file, they can choose three people with whom they would like to have a date on May 10 at the Maritime Museum or Scheepvaartmuseum. 

During the event, the singles in the Matchmaking Venue will hear from a relationship therapist or sexologist to determine if there is a match, and if so, with whom. If there is a match, the singles will be introduced to each other and they will go on a date in the Dating Venue. This venue offers a romantic setting with roses, champagne, pleasant music and mood lighting. 


Business Lounge

The Business Lounge is for people who are fond of their privacy and do not want to find a life partner through the matchmaking system; instead, they prefer to find their life partner with the personalised help of a relationship coach. 

The relationship coaches create a file after an in-depth interview has taken place with each guest. The in-depth interview is meant to:

  • Get a complete picture of who the single man or woman is.
  • Determine why he or she has registered for the Business Lounge.
  • Find out what information a potential partner should know about his/her life and why.
  • Ensure that there are no other motives than to find a life partner.   

Based on the wishes and criteria of the guests, the relationship coach looks for the singles who fit best together. The relationship coaches have the knowledge and experience to increase the chances of a successful date during Successful Single. 

Register for Succesful Single

Register now for the Successful Single event on May 10, 2019, and meet your ideal life partner.