[Sold out] Black Denim Festival | A day of punk music in Rotterdam

[Sold out] Black Denim Festival | A day of punk music in Rotterdam

Jan 19, 2020
Baroeg, Spinozaweg 300, 3076 ET
14 euros online or 15 euros at the door

For the third year in a row, Black Denim Festival will bring together the more extreme corners of punk music. Whether it's D-beat, hardcore, gravel or crust, Black Denim Festival believes that punk is timeless and this is evident from the festival line-up.

Black Denim Festival is renowned for extreme music mixed with friendly vibes of the highest order! At the renowned alternative venue Baroeg at the edge of Spinoza Park on the south side of Rotterdam, this is unmissable for anyone who's a fan of punk, death metal, hardcore or death crust.

Black Denim Festival line-up

Here are the bands set to perform at Black Denim Festival:

  • Discharge (UK - D-beat / punk / hardcore)
  • Skitsystem (Sweden - D-beat / death crust)
  • Martyrdöd (Sweden - kängpunk / metal / crust)
  • SEEIN RED (Netherlands - hardcore / punk)
  • Fleas and Lice (Netherlands -  crust)
  • Reproach (Belgium - hardcore / punk)
  • SFD (Netherlands - hardcore / punk / gravel)
  • ThroatStabber (Netherlands - death / grind)

A festival at Baroeg

Baroeg in Rotterdam is one of the most renowned concert venues for alternative music, which describes itself as a "subcultural pop venue". The fact that Black Denim Festival is taking place there says a lot about the festival's importance for the music scene in Rotterdam.

With over 35 years experience in bringing metal, punk, rock, psychobilly, electro, industrial and hard rock to music fans of the Netherlands, it seems only natural for Black Denim Festival to have found a home there. It matches festivals like Baroeg Open Air in extreme music.

Black Denim Festival

Check out the Black Denim Festival website. Tickets are already sold out, though, so if you were looking forward to going, you'll have to wait for the next edition. Keep an eye on the Black Denim Festival Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.