Birdfest music festival in Rotterdam

Birdfest music festival in Rotterdam

Nov 05, 2022
Various locations

Celebrate the Rotterdam music scene at Birdfest! Bird, one of downtown Rotterdam’s coolest and border-crossing venues, celebrates once a year with its very own festival – Birdfest! 

At Birdfest, the boundaries between live music performances and club nights are blurred, and similarly, the border between day and night is also seamlessly merged together. So, put aside some time and hear and see it for yourself!

Birdfest line-up

Expect multi-genre vibes at Birdfest, including Afro, hip hop, jazz, R&B and soul. The line-up for Birdfest is as impressive as ever:

  • Yaya Bey
  • Anan Ya'ari & Hvnly 
  • Goya Gumbani
  • Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exxchange 
  • Romderful
  • Touching Bass
  • Mushroom Mosis

Get your Birdfest tickets

Check the Birdfest website for more information about the line-up. Enjoy great music!