BinnenBok - Bock beer tasting event and virtual brewery tour

BinnenBok - Bock beer tasting event and virtual brewery tour

Nov 20, 2020
32,50 for the BinnenBok package

It’s autumn in the Netherlands and that means it’s time for autumn bock beer (herfstbok). This seasonal beer is dark, bitter and sweet, with aromatic flavours, and is available for a limited time each year.

A social distanced beer occasion

Dutch beer is so special that there’s an organisation based in Leiden dedicated to guided beer walks, the Dutch alternative to a pub-crawl. But, since the pandemic is upon us and bars and cafes are closed, Bierwandeling Leiden has converted the autumn bock beer walking tour into BinnenBok, the indoor bock beer event. Bock beer lovers can participate from the safety of home by ordering their BinnenBock package!

Similarly, Spring Beer Walk (Lentebierwandeling) which was set to take place in April with spring bock (lentebok) beer, was rebooted as an online beer festival. The event was a success and the autumn bock beer walk will therefore follow in its footsteps. 

What to expect at BinnenBock

Here's what to expect at BinnenBok:

Order your BinnenBock package

Order a BinnenBock package and get ready to enjoy the online programme as you sit back and sip the delicious beer! The package is meant for one person, ideally, but it can also be shared, depending on how much you'd like to consume, of course!

The package includes:

  • Six 33-cl bottles of bock beer from different Dutch breweries
  • One tasting glass
  • A description of the beers
  • A fun gift
  • Six Dutch snacks - one to accompany each beer

Pick up your BinnenBok package

Order your package online and then pick it up on November 17, 18 or 19 at ProKwadraat-Groepswijzer, Haagweg 8. 

Take a virtual tour of Dutch breweries

Once you've got your package and are ready to sip beers and eat snacks on November 20, you can get ready for the other part of BinnenBok! Take a virtual tour of the breweries with Frank and Bas, to find out what happens behind the scenes of where your favourite autumn beers are made.

Six different beers will be explored and discussed! Once you sign up, you’ll receive a link to this programme. It kicks off at 8.30pm and ends at 10.30pm.

Sign up for BinnenBock

Are you ready to treat yourself to an evening dedicated to Dutch bock beer? Then check out the Bierwandeling website (in Dutch) where you can order your BinnenBock beer package and plan your evening of tasty Dutch beer.