Bellini’s opera Norma at Pathé Specials

Bellini’s opera Norma at Pathé Specials

Oct 07, 2017
12.55pm - 4.25pm

Experience a staggering performance of Bellini’s opera Norma, performed by the Metropolitan Opera, broadcast live on the big screen at Pathé Specials.

About Pathé Specials

Through the Pathé Specials series, visitors can experience world-renowned ballet, opera, theatre, music and sport events captured and broadcast live on the big screen, with crisp sound and high-quality projection to make it feel like they are actually there! Norma can be viewed in select Pathé Cinemas in various cities.

All opera performances are performed in their original language, Norma is sung in Italian, and subtitled in English, German, Italian and Spanish.

The story of Norma

The year is 50 BCE. The Romans are attacking, and druid priest Oroveso is looking for revenge. When Roman Proconsul Pollione betrays the love of Norma, high priestess and daughter to Oroveso, the druids assemble to revolt, with Norma in the lead.

About Bellini

Vincenzo Bellini was a famous Sicilian composer with his roots in the BelCanto opera, a style in which the singer’s voice is regarded as the central instrument. This makes for grand arias and duets that are presented with great expertise.

The Metropolitan Opera

Norma is performed by the world famous Metropolitan Opera. The Metropolitan Opera is situated in Broadway, New York, at Lincoln Square. The group is home to some of the most talented and creative performers in the world.