Bach's Christmas Oratorio at Muziekgebouw with Ensemble Resonanz

Bach's Christmas Oratorio at Muziekgebouw with Ensemble Resonanz

Dec 19, 2019
Muziekgebouw, Piet Heinkade 1, 1019 BR
12,50 euros - 34 euros

Muziekgebouw has a tradition of giving festive performances, and this year is no different. In the weeks before Christmas, expect an international programme, featuring classical Italian, exuberant Latin-American energy and a fully "contemporary" Bach Christmas Oratorio (Weihnachtsoratorium).

Ensemble Resonanz at Muziekgebouw

This alternative version of Bach's Christmas Oratorio performed by Ensemble Rezonanz may be a bit of a shock for purists. Without changing Bach's notes, the ensemble has arranged the mass into a chamber version, featuring electric guitar, vintage keyboards and strings that also sing along to the chorales and choirs.

The ensemble, which consists mainly of strings, claims to be mainly concerned with “the rarities of early and new music”. With this ensemble tackling a well-known work such as the Christmas Oratorio, with all due respect for the notes of Bach, something special is guaranteed to happen. Ensemble Resonanz is one of the most prominent early music ensembles in Germany. At Muziekgebouw, the ensemble is a welcome guest and has previously played works by Janáček and Aperghis, among others. 

A new way of listening to Bach

The ensemble has adapted the most appealing parts of the masterpiece into a “living room version”. With electric guitar, vintage keyboards and strings that play along with the choirs, it has been labelled a 21st-century "campfire in the living room" by Der Stern, a version that touches the heart of the Christmas Oratorio deeper than many of the existing authentic versions.

Performers Ensemble Resonanz at Muziekgebouw

  • Resonanz Ensemble
  • Hanna Herfurthner | soprano
  • Truike van der Poel | alto
  • Benjamin Glaubitz | tenor
  • Simon Schnorr | bass
  • Johannes Öllinger | electric guitar
  • Markus Schwind | trumpet
  • Michael Petermann | keyboards

Get tickets to the Concerto Copenhagen Christmas concert

Get tickets to the Christmas Oratorio played by Ensemble Rezonanz on the Muziekgebouw website. Ticket prices range from 12,50 euros - 34 euros. There will be an interval at 9pm.