Art Route Kralingen Crooswijk

Art Route Kralingen Crooswijk

Oct 04, 2018Oct 14, 2018
Various locations in the Kralingen-Crooswijk area

Art Route Kralingen Crooswijk showcases visual arts, photography, heritage, music, poetry, lectures, graffiti art and street art in Rotterdam, bringing you to intimate and offbeat art hotspots. 

Art Route Kralingen Crooswijk  

Art Route Kralingen Crooswijk is a collective of artists, both professional and amateur, living in and around the Kralingen and Crooswijk areas of Rotterdam. From October 6 to 14, the artists’ works will be on display in a pleasant and well-devised route in Kralingen and Crooswijk, with new and improved programme and locations

The Backyard Farm is the new location for the opening, which will kick-start this year's edition of the route. This opening exhibition takes place on October 4, from 5pm. The route is divided over two weekends: on October 6 and 7 with the focus on Crooswik and Kralingen West, while on October 13 and 14 the route explores Kralingen Midden and Kralingen East as well as Lusthofstraat. 

The programme is varied and involves visual arts, photography, heritage, music, poetry and lectures. When you arrive you’ll be given a free programme booklet that will help guide you on your route.

Hotspots on the Art Route

Hotspots include Kralingen Gallery, Kralingen Botanical Gardens, The Backyard Farm, Podium O950, De PatatBakkerT on Frits Ruysstraat, Rumours Concept Store, Utopia, Pompgebouw de Esch, Nivon, Atelier Pootstraat and many more.

A full list of locations is available on the Art Route Kralingen Crooswijk website.

Time schedule of the 2018 Art Route Kralingen Crooswijk

  • October 4: Opening exhibition at The Backyard Farm
  • October 6-7: Art route focus on Crooswijk and Kralingen West
  • October 13-14: Art Route focus on Kralingen Midden, Kralingen East and Lusthofstraat

Don't forget to check out Crooswijk's street art

While you're in the neighbourhood, don't forget to check out the street art and graffiti art of Crooswijk. The Rewriters app focuses on graffiti art and street art in Rotterdam, whereby routes are organised and laid out in a mobile application. The app also offers users a lot of background information about the works of art, as well as archival images. Smart technology unlocks the previously uncharted history of graffiti art in Rotterdam. 

Rewriters offer three routes, on which you can view forty works of art, the newest route being the Crooswijk route which leads you to 10 street art works. 

Plan your route of Kralingen Crooswijk

There's so much to sea on the Art Route Kralingen Crooswijk. Browse the programme and map and plan your visit to the Kralingen-Crooswijk area of Rotterdam.